Off Schedule, and Loving It

I re-organized some of A Catholic Citizen in America’s pages today, and — I hope — made the navigation menus more useful. In the process, I removed some text that’d been cluttering one page. On the off-chance that you’re interested, here it is:

Technical issues in March, 2018, put me off my ‘science news every Friday’ schedule.

After my son resolved them, going back to the routine was an option. Instead, I decided to start work on several ‘back burner’ projects; including a book that’s been on my ‘really should do this’ list for some time:

I’ll also be posting something new whenever there’s something ready. Some posts will be in the usual being Catholic and science news categories, some in not-so-usual categories like being a citizen or being an artist. The one I finished first, “Spirit Photographs,” wouldn’t fit in existing categories, so I made a new one: discursive detours.

About Brian H. Gill

I was born in 1951. I'm a husband, father and grandfather. One of the kids graduated from college in December, 2008, and is helping her husband run businesses and raise my granddaughter; another is a cartoonist and artist; #3 daughter is a writer; my son is developing a digital game with #3 and #1 daughters. I'm also a writer and artist.
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