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May 13, 2023: It’s Been an Interesting Week

I’d been planning on having something else ready for posting. By Friday afternoon, that obviously wasn’t going to happen. So I’ll talk about what has been happening. I should have my ducks in a row by the end of next … Continue reading

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Edited Twins, Genetic Engineering and Bioethics

Gene-editing rules showed up in my news feed last Monday. So, indirectly, did genetically-edited twins who, as far as I know, are still alive. If I’d known how little I’d be able to verify about Dr. He Jiankui’s famous (or … Continue reading

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Euthanasia for the Mentally Ill: Not a Good Idea?

Suicide was in the news, briefly, this weekend. Euthanasia, actually. Or assisted death. Whatever folks call the process, it’s arranging for someone to die. Or, being impolite in my choice of words, killing someone. For thoroughly nice motives. “Who can … Continue reading

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