What’s Here, What’s Not

NASA/ESA's image, detail: LH 95 stellar nursery in the Large Magellanic Cloud. (December 2006)Science and religion? More about that in Science AND Religion: Seeking Truth

My posts generally have a mix of topics. That, and less-than-rigorous tagging standards, led to considerable overlap of “science” and “technology” posts.

If you click “science” in this blog’s Tag Cloud, for example, you’ll find some posts with a mostly ‘non-science’ focus; but enough science to warrant the tag.

Checking out science news under Categories, you’ll find posts focusing on engineering or technology more than science; like “Miami Bridge Collapse,” “Coming: Robots” and “Books and Flying Cars.”

Something you won’t find here is insistence that “creation science,” the Ussher chronology, or flat earth beliefs presented as core Christian beliefs. And that’s another topic. (January 19, 2018; December 29, 2017; October 29, 2017)