Being a Catholic Citizen in America

NASA Photo ID ISS011-E-5487, taken 188 nautical miles, 348 kilometers, above 17.6° N, 2.8° E: available from Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center. Used w/o permission. (2007)

I’ve turned my “About Me” page into several shorter pages, arranged hierarchically:

Catholic, Yes; Typical, No

Brian H. Gill. (March 17, 2021)Some of my fellow-Catholics share my lively interest in this astounding universe, others do not.

I’m not a ‘typical’ Catholic. After two millennia, and with more than a billion Catholics living around the world, I doubt that there is a ‘typical’ Catholic.

Like I said elsewhere, I’m a convert to Catholicism.

I love our rich history and traditions: and understand that we are literally καθολικός, universal.

There’s a difference, by the way, between traditions and Tradition.

As a Catholic, I am dedicated to our Tradition.

That emphatically does not mean that I see the customs of some American Catholics of the mid-20th century as the only ‘real’ Catholicism: and that’s another topic. Topics.