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A Prescription, Disorders, Conformity and Culture

First, the good news. I am not experiencing withdrawal (or, more politely, “discontinuation syndrome”). The not-so-good news is that I’m putting off what I was getting ready for today until next week. This ‘journal’ post is, in part, an explanation: … Continue reading

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Climate, Neighbors, Bogeymen and Responsibility

Last weekend I started re-reading “Laudato si’, on care for our common home,” AKA the “environmental encyclical” and the “Green Encyclical,” by Pope Francis. Calling the 2015 encyclical “green” and “environmental” isn’t mere marketing. But there’s more to “Laudato si’” … Continue reading

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Independence Day: America and Acting Like Love Matters

(From Balon Greyjoy, via Wikimedia Commons, used w/o permission.)(Prometheus sculpture for Rockefeller Center’s lower plaza. (Paul Manship, 1934)) It’s been 246 years since a bunch of disgruntled colonists decided that they’d had enough of transatlantic micromanagement. There’s more behind the … Continue reading

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