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Alabaster Cities, Fireworks, a Condo Disaster and Tears

Patriotism comes in many flavors: cheesy, sour, salty: and that’s enough ‘flavor.’ Maybe too much. My country’s Independence Day celebration, our Fourth of July, started me thinking about patriotism. Also screwball notions, drought and Florida’s pancaked condo. But mostly, the … Continue reading

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Police, I-35W Bridge Collapse and All That

I’ll be talking about police, law enforcement and authority. But this is not a ‘political’ piece. I won’t be demonizing or deifying anyone, or demanding that Congress abolish the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Back in 2007, when part of … Continue reading

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A Gallimaufry: Politics and Prayer, A Dragon and Turkeys

I woke up this morning, which is always a good thing. My memory tells me that Friday night, January 1, I didn’t sleep. At all. Maybe I dropped off for a few minutes to an hour, but even then I … Continue reading

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Death at the Capitol: “Something Isn’t Working”

America’s 2020 presidential election is over. Its aggravation isn’t. I’m one of the many folks who opted to vote by mail. Election results weren’t entirely good or bad news from my viewpoint. This month’s news hasn’t been all bad. Even … Continue reading

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