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I’ve turned my “About Me” page into several shorter pages, arranged hierarchically:

Not “Typical:” Whatever That Is.

Photo: Brian H. Gill, at his desk. (March 2021)I’m not your typical Catholic blogger.

This isn’t your typical Catholic blog.

I’m not sure what a typical Catholic blogger and the blogger’s blog would be.

Ask five folks to describe a “typical” Catholic blog, and you may get six answers.

I searched [typical Catholic blog] in two search engines, Google and DuckDuckGo, and found very different results.

Google Search showed me links to blogs by “Regular Catholic Individuals” and folks who may not approve of Vatican II.

The other one displayed an assortment of stuff written by folks who sound like Catholics I know. They’re not quite like me, and that’s another topic.

(Brian H. Gill (text May, 2010; revised June 2020; re-organize and revised December 2021))

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