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Easter: Parades, Eggs, and the Best News Ever

Easter Sunday is a very big deal. It’s “the greatest of all Sundays,” since it’s when we celebrate our Lord’s resurrection. Begin celebrating, actually. The Easter season lasts until Pentecost Sunday: not quite two months from now. Maybe “our Lord’s … Continue reading

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Crosswords! Or, the End of Civilization As We Know It

(From New Britain Herald, via Nieman Journalism Lab, Harvard College; used w/o permission.) Ah! For those halcyon days of yesteryear! Like the 1920s, the Roaring Twenties: the Jazz Age, or, if you like that European flair, the Années folles. That’s … Continue reading

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“…We Wait, and are Patient, and Back We Come….”

This is among my favorite quotes: “‘…Here they stabled their horses and feasted, from here they rode out to fight or drove out to trade. They were a powerful people, and rich, and great builders. They built to last, for … Continue reading

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Marlowe’s Faustus: Chorus, Soliloquies and Film Noir

“Doctor Faustus…” starts with a 194-word soliloquy. Sort of. It’s delivered by Chorus, named last in Marlowe’s “Dramatis Personae.” Ancient Greek tragedies had a chorus, acting like today’s narrators. Again, sort of. Aristotle said that chorus was a character, so … Continue reading

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