What’s here:

1 contacted me in late 2016, suggesting that my blogroll could include commercial/for-profit websites. It seemed like a reasonable idea. A little later, the Veils and Vocations blog posted “Christmas is Coming–A Shopping Guide.” That gave me a short list of commercial websites to start with. A tip of the hat to Melanie Jean Juneau’s Association of Catholic Women Bloggers, for linking to the Veils and Vocations’ post.

2 A tip of the hat to Christopher Schaefer, on, for pointing Society of Catholic Scientists out to me in May 2017. I am not a scientist, and so do not qualify; but share their awareness of “the harmony between the vocation of scientist and the life of faith.”

3 Resources I’ve found useful. The list will grow as find more, and remember those I’ve used before. (November 27, 2017)