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Independence Day: America and Acting Like Love Matters

(From Balon Greyjoy, via Wikimedia Commons, used w/o permission.)(Prometheus sculpture for Rockefeller Center’s lower plaza. (Paul Manship, 1934)) It’s been 246 years since a bunch of disgruntled colonists decided that they’d had enough of transatlantic micromanagement. There’s more behind the … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Weekend 2020

Memorial Day is when we honor those who died while serving in this nation’s military. Or it’s the unofficial first day of summer. Both Memorial Day perspectives have their traditions. This year, we’re trying to deal with a pandemic while … Continue reading

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Patriot Dreams

The Fourth of July is Independence Day for the United States. It’s also the anniversary of Alice in Wonderland’s inspiration and Pulcheria’s first day as regent. Folks could celebrate Earth’s aphelion today. We’ll be getting nearer our sun until early … Continue reading

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