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A Spiral, a Fossil, a Martian Rock and Eye Genes

By Monday afternoon, I’d picked a topic for my ‘Saturday’ post. Since I’ve still got stuff I want to say about Venus, the Orion Nebula, cosmology and ChatGPT, I may not get around to four items from this month’s news: … Continue reading

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Peril in Orion! Beware Betelgeuse?

Betelgeuse, the bright red star in Orion’s right shoulder, is a semiregular variable star, with small periods of 185 days and 2,100 days and a main period of around 400 days. It will explode at any moment, and we’re right … Continue reading

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Ancient Stone Tools: Hello, Fellow Humans?

“Ancient stone tools found in Kenya made by early humans“ BBC News (February 10, 2023) “Archaeologists in Kenya have dug up some of the oldest stone tools ever used by ancient humans, dating back around 2.9 million years. “It is … Continue reading

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