Who are Those Catholics?

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Statistics, Mostly

Brian H. Gill. (March 17, 2021)Of the roughly 7,773,000,000 people alive today, about 17% — roughly 1,300,000,000 — are Catholics.

Of the 339,665,000 or so people who live in America, 20.8% are Roman Catholic. (2014 estimate)

That’s 95,106,200, or thereabouts.1

You’re not as likely to meet a Catholic in America as you are in Mexico, Poland, Kenya, or the Philippines.

But if you live in the United States, the odds are pretty good that you know one, or that someone you know does.

We’re Hispanic, white, black, American Indian, Asian, and other ethnicities.

And we’ve been here for quite a while. Baltimore became the seat of the first American diocese in 1789: and the first archdiocese in 1808.

1 Sources:

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