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Pax Romana, Caligula: Fiend, Monster, or Baddie?

Caligula is currently famous, or infamous, for being a stark-raving-mad monster with no redeeming qualities. Although scholars have been acknowledging that we don’t actually know much about him. I’m not about to try rehabilitating Caligula’s image. But I’ve got suspicions … Continue reading

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Mars, MOXIE and More

Humanity is one step closer to exploring Mars, in person. With people living and working on the surface. And eventually, I think, living there permanently. That’s going to take time. But like I said, we’re one step closer. This week … Continue reading

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Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI: 1927-2022

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI died this morning — Saturday, December 31, 2022. His death is international news, but I don’t have much to say at the moment. Headlines included the all-too-predictable political spins and ‘hidden meanings.’ And, happily, I saw … Continue reading

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