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Super-Duper Super Earths and the Search for Life

This week, I’ll talk about Professor Ethan Siegel’s view that “the myth of the super-habitable super-Earth planet” is “a scientific catastrophe”, other non-catastrophes; and a problem with “super-Earths” as a label. Along the way I’ll look at science, news, headlines … Continue reading

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A Doomed World, Spiraling to Destruction

Kepler-1658 b, KOI-4.01, is a “hot Jupiter”. In another 2,500,000 years, give or take a bit, it won’t be there any more. That makes it a hot subject for scientists: literally and figuratively. Kepler-1658 b is also the the Kepler … Continue reading

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Horses and Humans, Chimps and Muscles

I’d been planning on writing about chimps, strength, muscles, and assumptions this week. Then, a few hours later, I noticed that I’d been talking about horses, digestion, etymology, cephalic index and other assumptions. Which, for me, is about par for … Continue reading

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