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Super-Duper Super Earths and the Search for Life

This week, I’ll talk about Professor Ethan Siegel’s view that “the myth of the super-habitable super-Earth planet” is “a scientific catastrophe”, other non-catastrophes; and a problem with “super-Earths” as a label. Along the way I’ll look at science, news, headlines … Continue reading

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International Space Station: Seven More Years

Nations and organizations running the International Space Station agreed to keep supporting it until 2030. That’s what I’ll be talking about this week. Along with why the ISS won’t last forever, plans for either ditching it in the South Pacific … Continue reading

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A Spiral, a Fossil, a Martian Rock and Eye Genes

By Monday afternoon, I’d picked a topic for my ‘Saturday’ post. Since I’ve still got stuff I want to say about Venus, the Orion Nebula, cosmology and ChatGPT, I may not get around to four items from this month’s news: … Continue reading

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