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Mars, MOXIE and More

Humanity is one step closer to exploring Mars, in person. With people living and working on the surface. And eventually, I think, living there permanently. That’s going to take time. But like I said, we’re one step closer. This week … Continue reading

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Single Stage to Orbit, Eventually

A tip of the hat to Anthony Stevens, whose recent op-ed started me thinking about this week’s topics. I’ll be talking about ideas that didn’t work out, or haven’t yet; three cool single-stage-to-orbit vehicles, including one that flew; and, finally, … Continue reading

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Sharing My Catholic Faith Story: Mostly Online

It’s been a while since I talked about what I’m doing here and why I’m doing it. And even longer since I talked about Nancy H. C. Ward’s “Sharing Your Catholic Faith Story: Tools, Tips, and Testimonies.” The book’s a … Continue reading

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