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Back to the Moon, Onward to Mars: Artemis I

Nobody’s in the Artemis I Mission’s Orion capsule. But if today’s test flight goes well, Artemis II will carry four folks around the Moon before returning to Earth. And Artemis III will bring humans to the Moon’s surface for the … Continue reading

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TAE and ITER: A Few Steps Closer to Fusion Power

One way or another, energy is in the headlines nearly every day. But I won’t be talking about the latest energy crisis, shortage or agreement. Instead, I’ll be looking at developments in fusion power from a few months — and … Continue reading

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Learning From History: It’s an Option

(From Wikipedia, used w/o permission.) From 1803 to 1806, Napoleon Bonaparte was defending France from the United Kingdom, the Holy Roman Empire, the Russian Empire, Naples, Sicily and Sweden. Or being thwarted in his dreams of conquest. At any rate, … Continue reading

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