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I’ve turned my “About Me” page into several shorter pages, arranged hierarchically:

Events and Interests

Brian H. Gill. (March 17, 2021)Getting lost in the crowd hasn’t been an option for me. I’m still not sure whether I stand out, or others steer clear of me, and that’s another topic.

By the time I entered kindergarten, one doctor had used me as a sort of lab rat — without my parents’ knowledge — and another had fixed my left hip.

But I didn’t need replacement parts for nearly a half-century, so I’m a happy camper.

Several decades of undiagnosed major depression, and something on the autism spectrum — or maybe ADHD, inattentive type; or something else — GAD, and other quirks, kept my life interesting.

But I suspect that my glitchy neurochemistry may be part of a tradeoff that gave me freakishly enhanced language skills, so I can’t complain. Not reasonably.

Assorted prescribed medications, including a powerful antidepressant, make it possible for me to think without fighting the machinery these days. That’s a wonderful change of pace.

I’m fascinated by three things, that which:

  • Exists within the universe
  • Exists beyond
  • Might exist

Research and writing skills developed in an eclectic career — yet another topic — help me share what I’m learning about this wonder-filled universe and Catholic beliefs.

I became a Catholic as an adult, mostly because I insist that what I believe must make sense: no matter how I’m feeling at the moment.

Brian H. Gill's right eye.;)

I’ve written about my glitchy neurchemistry before, and probably will again:

Humility Isn’t “Umbleness”

Fred Barnard's drawing of Uriah Heep. (1870s)Calling myself brilliant and talented probably doesn’t sound “humble” in the usual sense.

It’s certainly not the sort of “umbleness” Uriah Heep practiced. Which doesn’t bother me a bit.

I’ve talked humility and truthfulness before. Also how I see love, neighbors, and trying to act like I believe what I say:

Technical issues in March of 2018 gave me a break from my ‘Friday and Sunday’ post schedule. I figured it would be a good time to do a few ‘back burner’ projects, including a book I’d been meaning to start:

This blog shows how and why I follow Catholic beliefs and practices in America today. It also reflects my interest in science, history and my faith.

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