In Conference, Out to Lunch, Gone Fishing, Whatever: I’m Taking a ‘Break’

(Meet Norbert Nerdly: my frustrations, personified.)

My regularly-scheduled ‘Friday’ and ‘Sunday’ posts will, I trust, resume: eventually.

Meanwhile, I will add something new to A Catholic Citizen in America. How often and when that will be depends on me getting an idea, writing something, and having an opportunity to post it here.

The good news is that I now have time to work on a non-blogging writing project.

The not-so-good news is that I’ve got time because I have intermittent, at best, access to the website A Catholic Citizen in America uses.

My son, this household’s ‘computer guy,’ traced my problem to a balky router. He’s exhausted our options for coaxing it into working for me.

Happily, the router lets me and everyone else visit just about everything on the Internet. Except that one URL. I have no idea why, and neither does he. This is the stuff of which conspiracy theories are made. But I figure it’s just another tech glitch.

The only option left is replacing the router. That won’t happen until the household’s current financial situation gets less — urgent.

Meanwhile, again, I’ve got time for a long-dormant writing project. And a few other ‘back burner’ items. The first of those was adding a webcam to this blog’s pages.

Finally, the inevitable links to more of my stuff:

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