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Thanksgiving and Two Turkeys: A Continuing Tale

It’s Thanksgiving Day, here in America. This year I’ll be talking about the Two Turkeys: and reviewing their last few years. Well, I hope these aren’t their last few years. Let’s say their most recent years. Yes, that’s much better. … Continue reading

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Halloween 2022: Folks Hurting, Holiday Pictures

Culturally, here in America, Halloween is a time for costumes, parties and massive consumption of candy. It’s also All Hallow’s Eve, the day before All Saints Day: which is tomorrow, November 1. Maybe folks in Seol’s Itaewon area were having … Continue reading

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A Gallimaufry: Politics and Prayer, A Dragon and Turkeys

I woke up this morning, which is always a good thing. My memory tells me that Friday night, January 1, I didn’t sleep. At all. Maybe I dropped off for a few minutes to an hour, but even then I … Continue reading

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