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Death, Orders, and a War Crimes Trial in Ukraine

(From BBC News, used w/o permission.) I hadn’t planned on doing another “Ukraine” post for quite a while. But this news item caught my attention: “Russian soldier pleads guilty in first war crimes trial of Ukraine conflict” Sarah Rainsford, BBC … Continue reading

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Floyd/Chauvin Trial, Taser Trouble and Irksome Issues

On Tuesday, April 20, 2021, a jury said that Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd. Folks have been reacting to that. But protestors haven’t torched Minneapolis shops and services in the three days since then. Not as far as I know. … Continue reading

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Life and Death, Laws and Principles

On the whole, I prefer being alive. Particularly when I consider the alternative. I don’t consistently enjoy the moment I’m in: whatever is “now.” Relishing some of the “nows” I’ve experienced would have been reason for concern, and that’s another … Continue reading

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Law, Immigrants and Romans 13

America’s Attorney General apparently said Americans should do what the government tells us to. That’s ‘dog bites man’ news. It’s what government officials do. ‘Man bites dog’ news would be an official telling us to go out and break laws. … Continue reading

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