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Pax Romana, Caligula: Fiend, Monster, or Baddie?

Caligula is currently famous, or infamous, for being a stark-raving-mad monster with no redeeming qualities. Although scholars have been acknowledging that we don’t actually know much about him. I’m not about to try rehabilitating Caligula’s image. But I’ve got suspicions … Continue reading

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Victorian Christmas Cards, Holiday Weirdness

I’ll be sharing some very odd 19th century Christmas cards today. And rambling a bit about holidays, history and whatever else comes to mind. Briefly, for me. Christmas and New Year’s Eve: a Double-Header Solstice Celebration Many if not all … Continue reading

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Advent 2022: Remembering the Big Picture

My culture’s Christmas season begins with Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Our traditionally-frenzied holiday shopping season does, at any rate. That’s not a particularly good thing, considering what stress can do to folks. On the other hand, America’s shopping frenzy inspired … Continue reading

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