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Law, Immigrants and Romans 13

America’s Attorney General apparently said Americans should do what the government tells us to. That’s ‘dog bites man’ news. It’s what government officials do. ‘Man bites dog’ news would be an official telling us to go out and break laws. … Continue reading

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Apathy, Angst and Grenfell Tower

Opportunities for angst and anger abound. Just glance through the headlines. Take your pick from today’s top expert-endorsed, editor-approved crises — Climate change threatens our cities, the oceans and life itself. Well-intentioned efforts to stop climate change threaten our jobs … Continue reading

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Bomb in Bloomington

Update (September 18, 2017) News coverage of this incident followed a familiar pattern, reaching the political stage after about a week. I haven’t read anything for a little over a month, apart from a few remakes of the original stories. … Continue reading

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