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Trace Signals From an Alien Civilization: Not So FAST?

(From STR/AFP/Getty Images, via NPR, used w/o permission.)(China’s FAST radio telescope, another eye on the universe since 2016.) Scientists in China’s Guizhou province have been receiving radio signals from interstellar space since 2016. Three of these signals may have been … Continue reading

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Wagner, Servant of Faustus: What’s He Doing in the Play?

I’d like to say that my ‘Marlowe’s Faustus’ series follows some grand scheme, marching down a well-organized path toward a profound conclusion. But it doesn’t, so I won’t. I started re-reading Christopher Marlowe’s “The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus,” a … Continue reading

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A Roman Founding Myth and Aeneas, Action Hero

(From Agostino Carracci, via The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Wikimedia Commons; used w/o permission.) I figure folks have been hankering for the ‘good old days’ since long before we started keeping written records. And occasionally preserving them. The records, I … Continue reading

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Faustus, Valdes and Cornelius: With Friends Like These…

(From Jürgen Ludwig, via Wikimedia Commons, used w/o permission.) I talked about angels, real and imagined, last month; mentioned Doctor Faustus’ big plans, including putting a brass wall around Germany, and said that I’d talk about Valdes and Cornelius next … Continue reading

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