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Super-Duper Super Earths and the Search for Life

This week, I’ll talk about Professor Ethan Siegel’s view that “the myth of the super-habitable super-Earth planet” is “a scientific catastrophe”, other non-catastrophes; and a problem with “super-Earths” as a label. Along the way I’ll look at science, news, headlines … Continue reading

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A Spiral, a Fossil, a Martian Rock and Eye Genes

By Monday afternoon, I’d picked a topic for my ‘Saturday’ post. Since I’ve still got stuff I want to say about Venus, the Orion Nebula, cosmology and ChatGPT, I may not get around to four items from this month’s news: … Continue reading

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Exoplanets, Dust, and Who Sees Data First?

It’s been a little over 10 years since scientists spotted Kepler-22 b. It was the first time we’d spotted a transiting exoplanet that’s in its sun’s habitable zone. That may or may not mean that Kepler-22 b is habitable. The … Continue reading

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