Technical Issue March 26, 2018

I started having trouble connecting with this blog’s website during the St. Patrick’s Day week. I finally got that week’s ‘Sunday’ post out the following Monday. The next ‘Friday’ post was more of the same frustrating experience.

But they’re both now available. Everyone other than folks in this household seem to have no trouble viewing ‘A Catholic Citizen,’ including the most recent two posts:

I’d normally have another ‘Sunday’ post written and published by now, but that’s not going to happen. Instead of spending too much time waiting for access, I’m taking time off from writing new scheduled posts for A Catholic Citizen in America.

What’s there should remain available for everyone else. I’ll write and publish new posts as I can, but don’t know when that will be possible. Thank you for your patience.

There’s a project or two that this ‘vacation’ will give me time for. I plan to get back to scheduled posts — when we can replace the router that’s been giving me fits.

Excessive detail follows.

Regarding a Recalcitrant Router

My son spent quite a few hours, spread over a few days, tracking my connection problem down to this household’s router.

We thought resetting the packet size had put me back ‘on the air.’ Getting the router to accept was, I understand, a very length and frustrating task.

It was back to ‘glitches as usual’ the next morning. It’s just that one URL that’s giving me fits. The’s non-secure URL won’t load on either of my browser’s, which may or may not be a ‘router’ issue.

Having access to just about everything is nice.

But resources I’ve put on that website are available to me intermittently, at best. The same information is on my computer, so it’s available to me. But setting up ‘item goes here’ markers in a post I’m writing would be awkward at best.

Replacing the router won’t take long. But household finances have been tight for a few years, more so over the last several months. Buying a replacement router will wait until we have available funds.

I’ve been enjoying, if that’s the right word, this opportunity to practice patience. But enough is enough.

The good news for me is that now I’ll have time to do some other writing.

A less-verbose post about pretty much the same thing, before we knew what was wrong:

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