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A Trilobite With a Hyper-Compound Eye

It’s barely over two weeks since scientists at the University of Cologne published what they’d learned about a trilobite’s unique eye. Their research vindicated an amateur paleontologist’s observations, and very likely will raise more questions than it answers. That’s par … Continue reading

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Just for Fun: Where is Otis?

While looking for a parking space in the Walmart lot, I ran into — no, that’s not right. I noticed a hand-painted trailer with “WhereIsOtis.blog” emblazoned on the back. I pulled into an empty parking space, and started looking for … Continue reading

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Florida Indoor Fish Farm: An Aquaculture Alternative

A few groceries have been offering delicacies like elk steaks for decades, at least. But the odds are that hunters aren’t supplying your grocery’s meat department with wild game. That’s not surprising, or shouldn’t be. I’ll be talking about an … Continue reading

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