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Edited Twins, Genetic Engineering and Bioethics

Gene-editing rules showed up in my news feed last Monday. So, indirectly, did genetically-edited twins who, as far as I know, are still alive. If I’d known how little I’d be able to verify about Dr. He Jiankui’s famous (or … Continue reading

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Organ Donations: Rolly, Options and Decisions

It’s not a happy ending, but the situation could have been worse. “Organ donation: ‘My daughter was shot but lives on in those she saved’“Harry Low, BBC News (January 30, 2023)“…Rolly Prajapati was sleeping peacefully last April in the home … Continue reading

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Blue Sky, Tan Grass, Second COVID-19 Shot and Fever

Experiencing drought in Minnesota, side effects of my second COVID-19 shot, a quick review of this mRNA vaccine, and reasons I do not miss the good old days. Continue reading

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