I’ll be Back, or, Resolving Technical Issues (Maybe)

It’s been well over a month since anybody’s been able to comment on posts here. And I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated. At least partly because I’ve been using increasingly-outdated software and services.

That’s the not-so-good news.

The good news is that I’m pretty sure upgrading my hosting will solve most of my problems. And maybe create new ones, but that’s a bridge I’ll burn when I get to it.

Even more good news, upgrading may make commenting on posts here possible again. Or maybe not. I hope so, though.

Back to not-so-good news.

After posting this, I’ll be getting started on that upgrade.

If all goes well, in a few days A Catholic Citizen in America will have HTTPS hosting — if that’s the way to express the idea. That’s good news, since I gather that HTTPS has become a standard for websites.

And possibly for good reason.

With everybody and their uncle online these days, including folks with alternatively-ethical habits, security is a reasonable concern. That’s why the Electronic Frontier Foundation and others started pushing HTTPs in 2016.

The idea, according to a Wikipedia page, is “…to protect page authenticity on all types of websites; secure accounts; and to keep user communications, identity, and web browsing private….”

All of which sounds like a good idea. The Electronic Frontier Foundation1 says they want to “…preserve personal freedoms and online civil liberties…” — which also sounds like a good idea.

But I grew up in the Sixties, when folks with another viewpoint said they were preserving freedom. I didn’t think ‘free to agree with me’ was a good idea then, I don’t now, and that’s another topic.

Bottom line, HTTPS sounds like a good idea. Particularly since it’s now a community standard of sorts. And I’m told that getting HTTPS for my brendans-island.com domain will make less-antiquated hosting tech available.

So that’s good news.

But switching to HTTPS will mean that brendans-island.com — and A Catholic Citizen in America — will be offline for a while. Maybe a few hours, maybe a day or two. I don’t know. Then, when they’re back online, I’ll be discovering how my weekly routine has changed.

I’ve talked about some of this, and vaguely-related stuff, before:

1 Civil liberties, the digital frontier and acronyms:

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