Mostly Good News: New Computer For Me

My wife and son are giving me a new computer. It’s both a wedding anniversary present, and a much-needed upgrade.

That’s good news.

More good news, at least from my viewpoint: I decided that it is financially possible to upgrade hosting for this blog. One of my next steps will be to talk with the hosting company’s folks, and learn how I do the upgrade with a minimum of unsettling surprises. Maybe I’m being overly cautious. Or pessimistic.

At any rate: a few minutes ago my son asked me if I could give him access to my computer today, so he can start that time-consuming process of transferring files and whatever else needs doing.

It’s been about a decade since I passed the household ‘computer guy’ mantle on to my son, so my skills in that area are not only metaphorically rusty. They’re very seriously out of date.

All of this is good news; or satisfactory, at any rate.

But between my having spent much of this week figuring out whether or not upgraded hosting is practical and my son’s upcoming work with a new computer — I may not have anything ready for my regular ‘Saturday’ post.

So I figured it’d be prudent to let you know what’s happening here, and how events at my desk affect A Catholic Citizen in America.

I hope to be back online later today. Or tomorrow. Or whenever it happens. Thanks for stopping by, and I trust I’ll have something ready by a week from Saturday.

I’ve talked about the “much-needed upgrade” angle before, among other things:

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