Brain Defogging, Technical Issues, and Me

I’m doing a quick ‘it’s all about me’ post today, just in case I don’t get this week’s piece about crossword puzzles and other threats to civilization done. Perceived threats, I should say.

Okay. That’s why I’m writing this. Onward!

A week ago Monday — That’s March 14, 2022 — I felt less fogbound than I had since the end of January. That’s good news.

I’m still assuming that whatever bug I had is COVID-19. Whether it is or not, my fever is still going down. It’s fairly consistently below 100° F — which is probably linked with the comparative clarity I’m feeling. Again, good news.

On the other hand, staying focused on what I’ve decided should get done is harder than usual. Or harder than I feel it should be, at any rate. But again: the fog is lifting, and this is good news.

Technical Issues Continue

I’m pretty sure that Nobody can comment on ‘A Catholic Citizen in America’ posts.

As I said a few weeks back: sorry about that!

I am still getting ready to upgrade ‘A Catholic Citizen in America.’ The process might go faster if brain fog wasn’t a factor, and I talked about that before.

Let’s see. I talked about me, about the current technical frustration, and now I think I’m done.

Yep. Definitely. I’m done for the day. Done here, that is.

Good evening, and I hope you’ll check back on Saturday. The subject will be crosswords.

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