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Florida Indoor Fish Farm: An Aquaculture Alternative

A few groceries have been offering delicacies like elk steaks for decades, at least. But the odds are that hunters aren’t supplying your grocery’s meat department with wild game. That’s not surprising, or shouldn’t be. I’ll be talking about an … Continue reading

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I am Not Samuel: But I’m Someone

Today’s first reading, 1 Samuel 3 3b:–10, 19, talks about ‘Samuel’s call.’ That’s the time God called Samuel. Several times. Finally, on call number three, Samuel said “Speak, for your servant is listening.” (1 Samuel 3:10) So, what’s that to … Continue reading

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InSight on Mars: Now What?

Another robotic lander is on Mars. InSight landed last Monday, November 26, 2018. Folks at NASA and JPL are happy about that. The lander has taken a few pictures and started sending back weather reports. The mission’s main ‘science’ work … Continue reading

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Where Have All the People Gone?

The average woman is having fewer kids today than her counterpart 50 years ago. Birth rates in about half the world’s nations are below replacement levels. I don’t think humanity is doomed, partly because folks in the other half are … Continue reading

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