Fourth of July and Virtual Fireworks

United States of America flag.

My Fourth of July plans include watching an episode or two of Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man, contemplating the whichness of what while sitting on the front stoop, relaxing and getting a few chores done.

And enjoying a virtual fireworks show. Probably one of these:

And let’s not forget digital sparklers:

I’ve been hearing unofficial and possibly-illegal private fireworks, here in Sauk Centre’s south side. That’s the closest we come to having Independence Day pyrotechnics.

(Updated July 4, 2020 evening)

I’ve been watching the Virtual Viewing of Fourth of July Fireworks at Walt Disney World Resort: recorded in 2018, running a little over 13 minutes.

Music, fireworks, a little narration: and the closest to a Disney resort I’m likely to get. All without leaving my desk. It’s a good way to celebrate Independence Day.

The Once and Future Sinclair Lewis Days Parade

Sauk Centre's Sinclair Lewis Days parade; July 20, 2013.

My town does its fireworks extravaganza during Sinclair Lewis Days. Which won’t happen this year. It’s been postponed to July 2021.

I’ll miss Sinclair Lewis Days, particularly the parade: which has been going past my corner of Sauk Centre for the last several years.

But the COVID-19 pandemic is still in progress. Which is emphatically not good news. On the ‘up’ side, we’ve learned a great deal since the 1918 influenza pandemic.

Including how to lower the odds that folks who are infected will spread the bug. I see that as good news.

Getting enough folks to use humanity’s lore and wisdom? That’s another topic.

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