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Galaxies, Gravity and a Hot Terrestrial Planet

“NASA’s Webb Reveals Intricate Networks of Gas and Dust in Nearby Galaxies“Laura Betz, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland; Christine Pulliam, Hannah Braun, Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, Maryland; Editor Jamie Adkins (February 16, 2023) “Researchers using NASA’s James … Continue reading

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Lent 2023: Prayer and Prepping For Easter

This post should be online just after midnight, on the morning of Ash Wednesday. Meanwhile, New Orleans will have almost six hours of their Mardi Gras left. There’s a reason for that, and it’s not that New Orleans Mardi Gras … Continue reading

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Ancient Stone Tools: Hello, Fellow Humans?

“Ancient stone tools found in Kenya made by early humans“ BBC News (February 10, 2023) “Archaeologists in Kenya have dug up some of the oldest stone tools ever used by ancient humans, dating back around 2.9 million years. “It is … Continue reading

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