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Trace Signals From an Alien Civilization: Not So FAST?

(From STR/AFP/Getty Images, via NPR, used w/o permission.)(China’s FAST radio telescope, another eye on the universe since 2016.) Scientists in China’s Guizhou province have been receiving radio signals from interstellar space since 2016. Three of these signals may have been … Continue reading

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Exoplanets, Iron, Evolution and Strange Geochemistry

Science stories and topics have been piling up in my ‘to do’ list for more than a year. This week, I’m catching up on what we’re learning about life here on Earth; and developments in the ongoing search for extraterrestrial … Continue reading

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A Star by Any Other Name, and a Galilean Interlude

I started writing about stars, names, designations and how we got to a point where Sirius is also known as BD-16°1591, ADS 5423 and GJ 244. That started me thinking about telescopes, Galileo, Aristotle and Dante. One Star, Many Names: … Continue reading

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