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Norbert Nerdly Rides Again: Keyboard Concerns

(Norbert Nerdly — my frustrations, personified.) I had finished last week’s discussion of crossword mania and the end of civilization before the trouble started. That’s part of the good news. Then my computer’s operating system told me it was time … Continue reading

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April Showers, Minnesota Style, and More (or Less)

(Wednesday morning, my webcam’s view. (April 14, 2021) Minnesota’s April showers can be rain, snow, or anything in between. Tuesday afternoon and evening’s were snow, which was gone by Wednesday afternoon. I gather that folks don’t generally talk about weather … Continue reading

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First Sunday in Lent, 2021: But Mostly the Lord’s Prayer

Today’s Gospel, Mark 1:12–15, is a sort of segue between our Lord’s baptism and recruitment of brothers Simon and Andrew, then James son of Zebedee and John. All four were in the fishing industry, and that’s another topic. Mark summarizes … Continue reading

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