First of Two COVID-19 Vaccinations This Morning

My 'I Got My COVID-19 Vaccine!' sticker. (May 21, 2021)

I went to the local hospital this morning, got a sheaf of paper and a 3×5 card, had a short chat and followed green arrows to the elevator. I’ve walked down that corridor a fair number of times, and have even been in the elevator.

But I’d never pushed the “G” button. Which took me down one level to what I’d have thought of as the basement. I suppose it’s the “G”round floor because it’s at ground level at the back of the building.

All of which was more entertaining to me than it is for you reading this. I enjoy walking through big, complicated buildings or — better yet — building complexes.

Such exercises are among my pleasant memories of a year spent at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis: make that U of M, Twin Cities; and that’s another topic.

Anyway, I followed a few more arrows which took me around a corner. After that, walking about a hundred feet brought me to the door of a conference room. A big one.

That’s where I got my “I Got My COVID-19 Vaccine!” sticker. It’s optional. The medico who was checking me in seemed businesslike, so I didn’t ask if I could have a gold star, too. Which is probably just as well, since I nearly walked off with her visual aid papers.

But I didn’t. A short walk brought me to one of the two screened-in ‘get your shot here’ spots. Where I got my COVID-19 vaccination. The first one.

Fact Sheets and “Privacy” — This isn’t the ‘Good Old Days’

From Testimony of Dr. Stephen Hoge, President, Moderna, Inc.; to a House subcommittee. (July 21, 2020)I wasn’t taking notes, so I can’t be sure. But I think I was told about what was the “V-Safe” sheet and a “Fact Sheet For Recipients and Caregivers.” It ran to four sheets, text on seven of the eight sides.

Plus a “Patient Education | After COVID-19 Vaccine sheet. Text on both sides.

I could complain about that, but won’t.

Partly because they gave me something to read while sitting in one of the 23 chairs — spaced at six-foot intervals, the correct position for each marked with a little yellow taped “X.”

And partly because I don’t mind getting information. Which included brief discussions of what contemporary culture calls “privacy.” This isn’t the world I grew up in. In some ways it’s better, and that’s yet another topic.

I got my vaccination at about 9:40 this morning. It’s now about half past four in the afternoon. The “Fact Sheet For Recipients and Caregivers” listed possible side effects of this vaccine. Which included a curiously-generic “feeling unwell.”

I’m pretty sure I haven’t experienced any of them. “Injection site pain,” maybe. But my right shoulder has been giving me fits off and on, so I can’t be sure about that.

And anyway, growing up with a glitchy hip encouraged my perception that discomfort isn’t “pain” until it keeps me from moving.

I’ll be going through pretty much the same routine on Friday, June 11th, when I get the second of two COVID-19 vaccinations. At least, that seems a reasonable assumption.

Side effects from that one may be more interesting.

Coming Attractions?

CentraCare, Sauk Centre, Minnesota.Last Saturday’s trip to the emergency room happened after my son got his second COVID-19 vaccination.

I can’t be sure, since a full-scale medical ‘what’s causing this’ investigation would have taken more resources than we have. And more, likely enough, than would be warranted for a situation that was unpleasant but not dangerous.

But what he was experiencing looked a lot like a selection from the listed vaccination side effects, cranked all the way up.

Which may mean that he’s got a high-performance immune system. So if I don’t run a high fever, experience hideous near-crippling pain and generally feel awful — I could fret that there’s something wrong with my immune system.

Or I could assume that my son isn’t exactly like me, which seems reasonable.

Me, Brian H. Gill, on St. Patrick's Day. (2021)Either way, I expect it’ll be an interesting experience. And, probably, something I could write about. Which I probably will.

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4 Responses to First of Two COVID-19 Vaccinations This Morning

  1. Manny says:

    Hi Brian. You don’t say which type you got, the Pfizer or the Moderna, or some other? I got the Moderna, and the first shot was like you not much of a reaction, but the second shot knocked me on my butt. Be prepared on the second shot. I blogged about my Moderna experience too, here:

    • Thanks for sharing, and for the link.

      I got the Phizer-Biontech vaccine. As did my son. And thanks for the heads-up.

      My son’s experience has been like yours, so I’m not planning on getting much done for a week after the second shot. On the ‘up’ side, it’ll give me something to write about. 🙂

  2. irishbrigid says:

    Wrong Word: “I’ll be going through pretty much the same routine of Friday”

    The Friendly Neighborhood Proofreader

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