Sunshine, Snow, and Inauguration Day Looming

Webcam: Sauk Centre MNIt’s a sunny Tuesday afternoon here in Sauk Centre, Minnesota.

It’s 8°F outside, -13°C.

At that temperature, water is a mineral. Which is normal for this time of year here in central Minnesota.

The sun is setting, which again is normal for this time of place, day and year.

That picture is from my webcam: “Webcam: Sauk Centre MN.” It’s not, admittedly, the most dramatic or catchy title ever. But it’s descriptive and accurate. It’s also working more often than not these days. The webcam, I mean.

And my news feed is clogged with headlines about today’s American president, and the chap who will become president tomorrow. Which may or may not be normal. But it’s pretty much what I expected.

On the other hand, I’m not sure what I expect in headline news after the inauguration.

Coming Attractions — Detractions — Headlines — Whatever

'TDNN Totally Depressing News Network: What's Wrong With the World.I figure that American news media hasn’t finished ringing the changes on how they see the chap who’s currently president.

That may or may not last for another few weeks, months or — I hope not — years.

As for the person who’s stuck with being America’s president after the inauguration, I strongly suspect that we’ll see mostly good news. I could be wrong about that.

A less diligently gloomy tone would be a nice change of pace.

On the other hand, I remember a time when American news services rejoiced in the excellence of our new president.

That was unsettling. And, like pretty much everything else, it passed.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to the next year.

Which will, I predict, be just like last year. Except for how it’s different.

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