Plans, Prescriptions, an Exoplanet and Me

I only wrote 18 words for my current “Dr Faustus” post yesterday. Partly because the screen went black around mid-afternoon. On the bright side, my computer did reboot. Eventually.

My plan for today is to get this journal entry finished, do more writing and maybe pick up prescriptions at the local Walmart. Not necessarily in that order.

Prescriptions During a Pandemic: Mostly Routine

CentraCare, Sauk Centre, Minnesota.The last few times I’ve called prescription requests in, the pharmacy’s recorded introduction told me that COVID-19 vaccines are not yet available in my state.

Probably because that’s the most common question. Or among the most common. Understandably, I suppose.

My reaction to the Walmart pharmacy’s unsolicited announcement is — a trifle complicated.

I’m not elated to have an extra few seconds added to the time I wait before entering my prescription requests. But letting what’s at worst a minor delay inspire annoyance strikes me as a waste of effort.

Besides, I’m curious about when COVID-19 vaccinations will come to folks like me. I’ve talked about that before. Along with a mess of other topics.

Getting prescriptions during the COVID-19 pandemic as been uneventful. Which I don’t mind a bit. Particularly since production and shipment of the meds could have been, and probably was, affected by pandemic precautions. And that’s another topic. Almost.

Kepler-22b: NASA’s Exoplanet Image of the Day for Tuesday

NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech's comparison of Solar and Kepler 22 systems. (2018)I noticed Kepler-22b in this week’s ‘science news,’ which seemed odd: since the ‘news’ was that Kepler-22b was around 2.4 times Earth’s diameter, orbiting a sun-like star and in the star’s habitable zone.

It’s true, and historically significant, but hasn’t been news for years.

Then I saw that it was NASA’s exoplanet ‘image of the day.’

I’ve talked about the ongoing search for ‘Earth 2.0,’ and mentioned Kepler-22b, a few years back. (June 30, 2017)

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