Thanksgiving and Two Turkeys: A Continuing Tale

Brian H. Gill's 'We'll Fly Like the Wind.' (2022)

It’s Thanksgiving Day, here in America. This year I’ll be talking about the Two Turkeys: and reviewing their last few years.

Well, I hope these aren’t their last few years. Let’s say their most recent years.

Yes, that’s much better.

2010: The Saga Begins

Brian H. Gill's 'You'll Never Take Us Alive!' (2010)The Two Turkeys began their epic struggle with these defiant words: “You’ll never take us alive!”

The year was 2010.

The month was November, shortly before Thanksgiving.

The place: unknown, possibly a turkey farm in the vicinity of Loonfoot Falls: a legendary, and imaginary, town based very loosely on Fergus Falls, Sauk Centre and other central Minnesota towns.

That’s very loosely. In addition to possibly being near the origin point of two talking turkeys, I’ve discovered that Loonfoot Falls is home to Apathetic Lemming of the North. I’ll refer to him as ALN hereafter. For today, at least.

One of these days, I may find and organize every snapshot featuring the Two Turkeys.

But today all I managed to find were those from 2015 to the present, and their enigmatic original image. Sounds cool, describing it that way, doesn’t it? 😉

2015: The Two Turkeys and Organic Soy Husks

Brian H. Gill's 'Please Stop Humming.' (2015)

This picture hasn’t appeared before in A Catholic Citizen in America. This was their last effort to convince the American public that products like Rainbow Acres Organic Soy Husks would make the holidays better for everyone.

2016: Two Troubled Turkeys

Brian H. Gill's 'We Survived Thanksgiving. Right?' (2016)

I’m still not sure what happened, or where the Two Turkeys ended up.

2017: Traveling on the Halloween Express

Brian H. Gill's 'On the Halloween Express.' (2017)

I’m also not sure how, when or where they boarded the Halloween Express. My guess is that it was shortly after 2017’s Halloween.

2017: The Two Turkeys Arrive in Loonfoot Falls
Brian H. Gill's 'He Wants to Know.' (2017)

ALN’s question is, I think, reasonable. Particularly considering that he apparently agreed to shelter the Two Turkeys, at least for the 2017 Thanksgiving season.

2021: A Slip of the Tongue

Brian H. Gill's 'Thanks But I'm Stuf-.' (2021)

For all I know, the Two Turkeys have been staying with ALN since 2017.

One of the them seems blissfully unaware of their peril. He’s nowhere near as serious as his counterpart, at least. Which very likely explains the other Turkey’s occasional expressions of exasperation.

Try saying that five times, fast!

2022: Up, Up and Away in a Turkey-Filled Balloon

Brian H. Gill's 'We'll Fly Like the Wind' half-size. (2022)And that brings me up to this year’s Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season.

How the Two Turkeys got in that balloon, and where they’ll land, I have no idea.

But I’m back on track with Thanksgiving pictures and the Two Turkeys. And glad to be there. Or should that be glad to be here? At any rate —

That gap, from 2018 to 2020, wasn’t the most creative or pleasant period of my life; possibly due in part to pandemic angst.

(Almost) finally, a word about ALN. Apathetic Lemming of the North was the mascot for a blog of the same name, back when I was using Blogger as my hosting service. He’s that anthropomorphic oversize ‘lemming’ in the 2017 and 2020 Two Turkeys pictures.

I’ve been thinking about bringing him back in some capacity for A Catholic Citizen in America, but haven’t gotten past the ‘this sounds like fun’ stage.

And (really) finally, the usual links to more stuff. This time with a short(ish) description of each post:

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