But on the Whole, I’m Doing Okay

My methylphenidate prescription, with one day left. (June 10, 2021)As the old Minnesota saying goes, ‘it could be worse’.

I got some sleep last night, and my left shoulder isn’t as badly off as my right one was, several months back. Plus, my right shoulder is far more useful now.

On the other hand, I’m going to be careful about using that left shoulder. I strained it last night. Frustrating, and that’s why I had trouble sleeping.

Between a shoulder that won’t tolerate much typing, and me still being far from at the top of my game, this week’s post is going to be on the short side. Which might actually be a good thing. My current limitations will encourage a degree of focus. And that’s almost another topic.

As for this household as a whole, we’re not as sick as we were a few weeks back. That’s definitely good news.

My monthly ‘get authorization for medication’ saga is more vexing than usual this time around: mainly because I didn’t realize I was nearly out until last week. I’ve emphatically not been at the top of my game.

An ‘up’ side to that last situation is that it’s been several months since I experienced a major SNAFU: and there’s still hope that I won’t have to go from half-dose to quarter-dose this time.

Enough. I’ve talked about this sort of thing before:

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