Tuesday, August 30, 2022: Son-in-Law Update, and a Coffee Break

Photo: Brian H. Gill, at his desk. (March 2021)On the ‘up’ side, I’m getting over what I’m calling a summer cold. And I’ve even decided what I’ll be writing about this week.

On the other hand: well, actually, it’s shaping up to be a pretty good day. And a pretty good week.

Sunday night’s tornado watch was lifted at a decent hour, so I got a good night’s sleep. And, although I overslept, I didn’t miss the Artemis 1 launch Monday morning.

Mainly because it was called off, due to technical issues. That’s part of what I’ll be writing about this week.

Deciding what I’ll write about is one thing.

Deciding how I’ll write about it is another: and that’s what I’ll start working on after I finish this post. After I finish this post, that is, and get a cup of coffee.

And sit of the front stoop for a few minutes. It’s a sunny day, neither too warm or too cool; and with winter coming, that’s not something to ignore.

Before I sign off, a few words about my son-in-law. I’d been hoping they’d fit into a ‘regular’ weekly post. But since that likely won’t happen, here they are.

My son-in-law, Aaron McWilliams, is adding fill-in guest talk show host to his catalog of roles and functions.

I gather that this is his first week. Don’t know which time slots.

I’d be listening: but Grand Forks is a little over three hours up the road from here, on the way to Winnipeg, Canada. That’s well outside the KNOX broadcasting area, and I haven’t found an online ‘radio station’ for KNOX.

Oh. Wait. I found one.

  • KNOX Radio
    Grand Forks, 1310 kHz AM, via Online Radio Box

Definitely want that cup of coffee. And a few minutes of fresh air.

Looking Back, Thinking Ahead

Screen capture, NASA Live: interior of Crew Dragon spacecraft during Demo-2 mission. (May 27, 2020)

But first, links from 2020 that relate to this week’s post:

And, yes: my son-in-law is mildly famous 😉 :

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