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COVID-19, Mass and Marriage: It’s Not All About Me

I’ll be discussing face masks and the COVID-19 pandemic, and why I’m not indignant that the Catholic Church hasn’t redefined the Mass or marriage. That second item is my response to Mass and marriage headlines. The items aren’t “news” in … Continue reading

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A Family Visit is Still in Progress: Kids and Adoption

Yesterday’s visit continues. Granddaughter and I have enjoyed watching cartoons. I’m looking forward to reading her a book from my childhood, plus another from my father’s and mine. Our granddaughter’s parents are her ‘real’ parents in practical terms. And they … Continue reading

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“Renewed and Expansive Hope”

Wanting respect is reasonable. I think folks who support Gay/LGBT Pride Month for that reason have a point. I don’t agree with much of what’s said on the gay/LGBT pride issue — and explained why I won’t spit venom in … Continue reading

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