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My Church in Sauk Centre, Minnesota: Vandalized

First, the good news. As far as I know, nobody got hurt during last weekend’s incident. That much I could tell from what wasn’t in a metro area station’s news item. “Charges: ‘Very intoxicated’ man admits to vandalism at Sauk … Continue reading

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This Week: Sunshine, Blue Skies and an Echocardiogram

It hasn’t been quite four years since a small patch on my tongue’s underside went numb. My wife said I should call our town’s emergency room, so I did. I’d long since learned that she’s got common sense. That was … Continue reading

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Independence Day: America and Acting Like Love Matters

(From Balon Greyjoy, via Wikimedia Commons, used w/o permission.)(Prometheus sculpture for Rockefeller Center’s lower plaza. (Paul Manship, 1934)) It’s been 246 years since a bunch of disgruntled colonists decided that they’d had enough of transatlantic micromanagement. There’s more behind the … Continue reading

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