Sunset, Nativity Scene, Freezing Fog and Frosted Trees

(The great convergence, probably behind those clouds. (December 22, 2020))

I could have put either of these two photos in an earlier post.

But I didn’t. So here they are now.

(Christmas lights: our kitty-corner neighbors. (December 22, 2020))

I may have gotten an hour’s sleep Friday night. That’s a best-case scenario.

That much insomnia, on top of two previous nights with less than normal sleep, left me feeling pretty good. But not clear-headed enough to try writing. Not the sort of writing that involves much thinking, at any rate.

So I relaxed, read part of John Dickson Carr’s “The Mad Hatter Mystery,” and got a few photos ready for sharing.

Happy New Year! Freezing Fog, Frosted Trees

(Morning after a freezing fog, looking across our back yard. (January 2, 2021))

Much of Minnesota had freezing fog Friday night. That’s not good news for travelers, but often leaves frosted trees. And, in our back yard, frosted plastic mesh.

The fog was more or less gone by mid-morning, or had lifted enough to become a low overcast. Either way, Saturday morning had subdued scenery.

Brian H. Gill family creche/nativity scene. (January 2, 2021) Figures from CMG's father's father, stable made by PMG.
(Our creche/nativity scene. (January 2, 2021))

My son made our nativity scene’s stable. The figures were my wife’s father’s father’s, and now they’re with us.

Tomorrow is Epiphany Sunday, so the Magi are still on their way to the stable in our household’s scene. Epiphany Sunday isn’t mainly about the Magi.

That’s something I’ve talked about before and probably will again. But not now. The Epiphany involves too many ideas for my temporarily fogbound brain.

(Around noon. Sunlight! Blue sky! Frosted trees. (And plastic mesh. (January 2, 2021))

It’s been a calm day, wind-wise. That gave me opportunity to take one of my favorite kind of winter picture: frosted trees. Above, you’re looking across our back yard to several others on this side of the block.

(Just a little after noon. Frosted trees. (January 2, 2021))

It’s now Saturday evening.

Epiphany Sunday is ahead. But first, I trust, I’ll get a good night’s sleep.

And I nearly forgot. I’ve talked about Epiphany Sunday and possibly-related topics before:

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