The Winter Storm Continues, But Not Here

And now it’s Friday morning. I’ve written, briefly, about the weather and vaguely-related topics for three days now:

The “Winter Weather Advisory” doesn’t apply to my part of Minnesota this morning. There’s still a blizzard in progress elsewhere.

I heard about school closings on the radio this morning, and the announcer said that quite a few area businesses are closed, too: and advised calling ahead before going outside.

Mostly Masked in Minnesota

The Masked Minnesotan Rides AgainMe? I’d planned on staying inside today and tomorrow. I plan on staying inside most days, now that I think of it.

Which may help explain why pandemic precautions aren’t bothering me.

Aren’t bothering me all that much, that is. Speaking of which — When I go to the local Walmart for supplies, I’m noticing more folks wearing masks. Now it’s the rare exception who’s maskless.

I was the rare exception one time. I’d gone in for meds, realized that I’d forgotten to mask up while parking, and went in anyway.

I used the entrance near the pharmacy, walked straight to the prescription pick-up’s ‘wait here’ floor marking, did the pick-up-meds routine, and went straight out. Holding my unfastened winter coat over my face as much as possible: the classic “Dracula” pose.”

I felt slightly silly, but nobody stopped or bothered me. Living in rural central Minnesota probably helps. We’re not perfect people in these parts, by any means. But I suspect we’re a tad less likely to make unnecessary trouble for each other.

There are individuals who aren’t like that, and that’s almost another topic.


One more thing. My webcam is still online, sharing its view Ash Street South and 9th Avenue, Sauk Centre.

Which isn’t nearly as picturesque as Waitsfield Covered Bridge in Vermont.

There. I’ve talked about the weather, mentioned my webcam, and now it’s nearly time for lunch. After that, I really ought to get back to my current ‘to do’ writing project.

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