One Saturday Afternoon in Minnesota

(“Vastness” – posters, art prints, greeting cards, and postcards available on

I’m getting perilously close to writing the first post for A Catholic Citizen in America’s re-launch.

I’d come down with ‘nothing serious’ when the folks who run my earlier A Catholic Citizen in America blog service decided to start ‘protecting’ folks from image files. (“Technical Issues: and an Apology” (May 6, 2016))

They almost have a point: some image file formats can be altered in malicious ways, and it’s probably easier to keep bureaucrats and excessively-anxious folks happy by insisting that all image files be stored on expensively-maintained secure servers.

However, Blogger’s improvements pretty well scrambled the way I’d set up to keep track of the (safe) images I use in my posts. I’m still not happy about that: but Blogger is a free service, so I can’t complain much. Not reasonably.

Besides, I’d decided, somewhere around 2014, to re-launch my blogs on one of my domains, using WordPress software. I decided that I’d take another look at WordPress, and start setting up the ‘new’ blogs. More accurately, that’s what I tried doing.

I spent the rest of May and part of June getting over ‘nothing serious,’ I still don’t know what it was: something like a bad cold, only meaner.

Anyway, my brain started de-fogging itself around the first week of June, and I’ve been getting overwhelmed with WordPress tutorials ever since.

Deciding that I really should use the tutorials was a big step, and that’s another topic.

Meanwhile, I’ve been making one bit of digital art — like “Vastness” there — each week; and learning enough to get started. Today, for example, I learned that WordPress works on UTC, “Earth time,” and I’ve talked about that before in the old blog. (A Catholic Citizen in America (Blogger)(July 10, 2015))

I might get something ready in time for tomorrow morning: which is just a few hours away on the WordPress clock. More likely, though, the first scheduled post here will show up a week from tomorrow. Or maybe, if I get my ducks in a row, next Friday.

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