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Halloween 2022: Folks Hurting, Holiday Pictures

Culturally, here in America, Halloween is a time for costumes, parties and massive consumption of candy. It’s also All Hallow’s Eve, the day before All Saints Day: which is tomorrow, November 1. Maybe folks in Seol’s Itaewon area were having … Continue reading

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Pax Romana: Augustus to Nero

The Pax Romana had been in progress for eight decades on July 19, A.D. 64. A fire started in a retail district near Rome’s Circus Maximus. It was a windy night. The fire spread. Fast. The Great Fire of Rome … Continue reading

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DART: Trick Shot by OpNav, and a Successful Test

On September 26, 2022, the NASA/APL DART mission changed the orbit of an asteroid: Dimorphos, a satellite of 65803 Didymos. “NASA Confirms DART Mission Impact Changed Asteroid’s Motion in Space“Josh Handal, Justyna Surowiec; press release; NASA, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics … Continue reading

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