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Wind Chill Warning, and Our Furnace is Out

Friday morning. The weather station at Sauk Centre’s municipal airport has been offline for a few days. In places like, say, New York City or Seattle, I suspect this would be a “crisis.” Around here, it’s January. A bit more … Continue reading

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Robots on Mars, an Empty Sample Tube and a Laser

Several days ago, a robot on Mars selected a hollow coring bit from its tool kit, drilled into a rock, withdrew the tool and placed the core into a sample tube. At least, that’s what should have happened. But just … Continue reading

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Another Trip to the Emergency Room

Good news, my son and I had a long chat last Saturday. Not-so-good news, we had it in the local emergency room. Still, it could have been worse. After a few hours of fluids and pain meds, he wasn’t feeling … Continue reading

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Perseverance on Mars: February 18, 2021

(Mars 2020 getting ready for launch last year.) I’ll be looking at NASA’s Mars 2020 Ingenuity helicopter, the spacecraft, and an experimental oxygen generator. With a quick look at news of the mission’s landing this afternoon. Outward Bound: July 30, … Continue reading

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