Wind Chill Warning, Weather Advisory, Health and Me

National Weather Service map, Saturday afternoon, January 1, 2022. Used w/o permission.

Saturday afternoon, my wife told me that I was staying inside for the weekend.

She was right. A wind chill warning would be in effect until around midday Sunday.

I’ve been experiencing ‘nothing serious’ for a week or so now. Sunday obligation is important, but so is not making myself sicker than I already am.

Life and physical health are “precious gifts.” Taking care of both is a good idea. Within reason. Obsessing over either, not so much. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2288-2291)

National Weather Service map, Tuesday afternoon, January 1, 2022. Used w/o permission.

So I stayed inside until Monday, picked up meds for myself and a daughter, returned home and kept an eye on the weather.

This afternoon, sure enough: there’s a winter weather advisory in effect until the end of my Wednesday afternoon session at the Eucharistic adoration chapel.

I verified the weather report and made a phone call. It looks like I’ll be staying inside for at least another day.

I’m not happy about that, but figure that I’ll try seeing the situation as an opportunity to practice patience, get more writing done or — better yet — think about what I should be writing about.

I’d already had an opportunity to practice patience. Earlier today, I spent more than an hour dealing with a formatting detail on my ‘About Me’ pages that should have taken maybe ten minutes. Tops. And that’s almost another topic.

Now, the seemingly-inevitable links:

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