The Dark Ages: A New Book, an Old Idea and a Quick Post

Detail, Pieter Brueghel the Elder's 'he Fight Between Carnival and Lent/Der Kampf zwischen Karneval und Fasten.' (1559) via Wikimedia Commons, used w/o permission.

I saw another The New York Times item in my Google News feed this morning:

“Scholars Cringe at the Term ‘Dark Ages.’ Dan Jones Explains Why.
The New York Times • Yesterday

As I said Monday, I don’t and won’t have a subscription to The Times, New York or otherwise, so I don’t know what “Scholars Cringe…” says. Or what the book reviewer says, more accurately.

But I know it’s a book review, because this is the blurb I found after a quick Google search:

“ › Books › Book Review
Scholars Cringe at the Term ‘Dark Ages.’Dan Jones Explains …
1 day ago — Jones’s book ‘Powers and Thrones’ is a comprehensive history of the Middle Ages that links the medieval era’s genuine achievements to modern …”

Had I but world enough and time — but I don’t.

The Middle Ages, Saeculum Obscurum and Viewpoints

A frontispiece for 'Historia Mundi Naturalis,' by Pliny the Elder, published Sigmund Feyerabend, Frankfurt am Main. (1582)

'L'image du monde,' Gossuin de Metz. (14th century copy of a 13th century original)So I won’t look up Dan Jones, his new book and whatever other people, things and events connect with them.

Apart from this link:

About the “Dark Ages,” that phrase and idea goes back to around 1600, when ecclesiastical historian Cardinal Caesar Baronius called the time between 888 and 1050, give or take a bit, the Saeculum obscurum.

The Catholic Church hit a particularly rough patch during the ninth to 11th centuries.

I’ve talked about that, and vaguely-related ideas. Recently:

And now I’ll get back to Medicean Stars, the quintescence gap and reactions to “Sidereus Nuncius” — which I hope will make sense, once I finish “A Star by Any Other Name.”

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