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James Webb Space Telescope Early Results

I’ll be looking at some of the first pictures sent back from the James Webb Space Telescope, starting with the Cartwheel Galaxy. Continue reading

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Trace Signals From an Alien Civilization: Not So FAST?

(From STR/AFP/Getty Images, via NPR, used w/o permission.)(China’s FAST radio telescope, another eye on the universe since 2016.) Scientists in China’s Guizhou province have been receiving radio signals from interstellar space since 2016. Three of these signals may have been … Continue reading

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TAE and ITER: A Few Steps Closer to Fusion Power

One way or another, energy is in the headlines nearly every day. But I won’t be talking about the latest energy crisis, shortage or agreement. Instead, I’ll be looking at developments in fusion power from a few months — and … Continue reading

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